BMI Composing for The Screen

Hey! Another quickie update. I found out last night that I was accepted into the BMI Composing for The Screen workshop with Rick Baitz! I’ll post some more info soonish when I don’t have a bunch of music to write before I can go to bed but immensely looking forward to putting my learning hat back on this September and October!

Don’t Have to Live Like A Refugee

It took me a minute, but I finally got a chance to listen to this weeks (I guess now technically last weeks episode) of This American Life. I’ve been in Maine all week playing guitar in Maine State Music Theaters production of Mamma Mia….feels like I can’t get away from Greece somehow. Pt. 2 details more stories of refugee’s from camps all over Greece and whats most amazing to me was how varied the stories were, there really is no singular image of what a refugee experiences in Greece. Which drove home to me exactly how massive this crisis is. Its not just Syrians, its people from all over the middle east, from all walks of life and many different religions looking to a better life for thems

Are We There Yet?

I've been working super hard with Ira, Miki, Robyn and the rest of the gang at This American Life for the last couple of months on this special episode. When all is said and done I'll have written about 28 pieces of music for them....(I don't even want to know how many minutes...). I'm not sure I've ever been this burnt out from writing before but also have never been prouder of a project that I've worked on and am SO excited that I get to finally talk about what I've been up to. The show tells stories of refugees from across the middle east, all stuck in camps in Greece. They found people falling in love, kids mad at their parents for dragging them to Europe, women doing their laundry in a

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