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Don’t Have to Live Like A Refugee

It took me a minute, but I finally got a chance to listen to this weeks (I guess now technically last weeks episode) of This American Life. I’ve been in Maine all week playing guitar in Maine State Music Theaters production of Mamma Mia….feels like I can’t get away from Greece somehow.

Pt. 2 details more stories of refugee’s from camps all over Greece and whats most amazing to me was how varied the stories were, there really is no singular image of what a refugee experiences in Greece. Which drove home to me exactly how massive this crisis is. Its not just Syrians, its people from all over the middle east, from all walks of life and many different religions looking to a better life for themselves and their families and its so incredibly important that we remember that. Especially considering the rhetoric that is being espoused by the (who shall remain unnamed on my blog) republican presidential candidate.

Its needless to say that being a part of bringing these stories to life was a really special experience and I am forever grateful to the crew over at This American Life for giving me the chance to help give a voice to those who are having difficulty being heard.

So please take a listen (and listen to pt 1 here)!

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