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Reviews by New York Times, Birth. Death. Movies and more!

We've had some really great reviews of Desolation, including this nice lil quip about the score from Birth. Death. Movies:

"With the aid [of] Marcus Bagala's chilly score, Desolation becomes a cut to the bone mood piece, evoking the familiar while simultaneously idiosyncratic and personal." Read the whole review here.

And here's another mention on Slash Films:

"Marcus Bagala’s ethereal score is punctuated by melancholic piano notes, and accentuates the characters’ growing unease as the situation escalates." Full review here.

And finally, while theres no mention of the score, but the New York Times did this write up of the film, its not all shining but I think this final quote is a really wonderful summing up of how Sam Patton (The director) handled this whole film:

"...they give their leads a gift rarely bestowed on attractive young women in horror movies: to be observed without being fetishized." Full review here.

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