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Fathers Of Football

I am very excited to be signing on to score this film.

The film is about a high school football team making the run for the state championship, but what it really is is a beautiful portrait of small town in middle america and the story of the everyday struggles of the people who live there and how they deal with it through football. I suppose you'd probably call it americana.

Its directed by Bradley Beesley, who has the distinction of being the director for many of The Flaming Lips video projects including Fearless Freaks, the film is also going to feature new music by The Filming Lips, alongside mine. Which is actually insane.

The film is currently in editing and is currently raising money to get it over the post production hump so they've started a kickstarter. I think its a story worth telling and if you've got a couple extra bucks consider helping get this film made.

Check out the kickstarter page here

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