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Print Version of Anatomy Of Doubt wins a Pulitzer

Just found this out today because I live under a rock…

The episode of This American Life, that I posted about my music being featured in in February, was done as a part of a partnership with ProPublica and the Marshall Project (They did the print version of the story, TAL did an audio version of the story).

What I just found out today is that the print version of the article won a pulitzer prize. Which, even having just had a very small part to play in the creation of the audio version of the story, it still feels cool to have had some part of this amazing piece of journalism.

In other This American Life news, if you’ve listened to any episodes since February….you’ve heard my music!! Its really exciting to continually be hearing my music in the show and it looks like its gonna be like that for awhile.

You can check out the podcast here

and the pulitzer winning print version here

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