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The Affair, Showtime

*Golden Globes Winner for Best Show and Best Actress in Television Show
-Synth Programmer/Designer, Session Guitarist


The Timeline, NFL Network
-Additional Music

One Mississippi, Amazon *Starring Tig Notar0
-Arranger/Session Guitarist

Ray Donovan, Showtime *Golden Globes Nominated for Best Actor and Supporting Actor in Television Show
-Synth Programmer/Designer

Extant, CBS *Starring Halle Barry
-Synth Designer/Programmer

This American Life, National Public Radio

The American Dream Pilot, Alex Fierro-Clarke
-Composer, Digital Score Recordist, Producer

American Ultra, Lionsgate *Starring Jessie Eisenberg and Kristin Stewert
-Synth Programmer/Designer

Our Kind Of Traitor, Based on the John Le Carre Novel
-Synth Programmer/Designer

Rock The Kasbah, Barry Levinson *Starring Bill Murray, Bruce Willis and Zoey Deschenal
-Synth Programmer/Designer

The Choice, Lionsgate
-Synth Programmer/Designer

The Last Dance,  Alison Hammersley * Selected for Emerson Film Festival 2014 and Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner


Imaginarium,  Alison Hammersley * Selected for Emerson Film Festival 2014

Terms Of Service, Pacific All-Risk Production Co. *Screening at the Santa Barbara Film Festival

Adult Beginners, Burn Later Productions *Starring Nick Kroll and Rose Byrne
-Music Librarian, Composers Assistant

Cell, Genre Company *Starring Samuel L. Jackson and John Cusack
-Synth Patch Designer

Breaking Point, Production Slug

Wintersmith, Ronin Productions

Tattered, New Sponge

Oh Brother, Rhonny Tufino

Being Dana Darren,  Alison Hammersley

The Balloon, Alison Hammersley

For Sore Eyes, Alison Hammersley

Patient 137, Alison Hammersley

A Family Dinner, Christiaan Tayhar

Afterlife, Superior Image Works Productions

The Incredible Journey Of Barnaby Brickwild
Charles Miller Productions

-Composer, Digital Score Recordist, Producer

Of Hope and Memoried Day, Nick Reynolds
-Composer, Digital Score Recordist, Producer

The Haunted: Expulsion, Ned Donovan
-Composer, Synth Score Arranger, Producer

Tuck and Dylan, Nick Reynolds (48 Hours Film Festival)
-Composer, Digital Score Recordist, Producer

Bagala Window Works Promo Vids


Certifiable Trailer  – Trailer by Crystal Arnette


Sound Designer

Cleaning Crew, National Broadcast Society
(Radio sound design)
-Sound Designer, Producer

At The Table: A Play Reading Series, Charing Moose Media

-Sound Design

Certifiable, Written by Molly Rydzel and Directed by Mark Karafin
-Sound Design/Composer/Music Editor

The Mechanical, Mechanical Productions
-Additional Sound Design

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